Creative communication is key in forging emotional connections

Why brands that speak to people, not problems, will win the loyalty game.

It sounds counter-productive to suggest that to sell more, brands should actually be trying to sell less.

But long gone are the days when consumers were content to be told that a product was worth buying simply because it worked. In a world where we’re being sold at every turn, a good product is a starting point, not a selling point.

The good news is that this shift has opened up endless opportunities for creative communications. Where once brands solved the practical problems consumers encountered in their day-to-day lives, they now add value, foster community, or provide comfort in uncertain times.

Cut to the feeling

Every single market in the world is made up of humans. And every single human is driven by emotion. By expression. By the need for connection.

So it stands to reason that brands that can creatively and strategically tap into those emotional motivators will increase awareness, foster loyalty, and maybe even see a jump in sales or uptake.

The fact is, emotional connection can be a powerful source of growth for brands in even the direst of circumstances and as such, they should be considered an integral part of a product’s development, sales, and communication strategies.

Love don’t cost a thing

But how do you do it?

The first thing is to let go of the notion that emotional connection or value exchange equals increased sales or sign-ups. Emotional connection is a way to reach people without offering some kind of financial or practical incentive. Do that well and you’ll garner loyalty. Foster loyalty and you might just have a customer for life.

The second thing is to get clear on what non-financial value your brand can add to the lives of the people you’re trying to reach. Is it more time with their family? Reduced mental load? Increased motivation?

When you’ve uncovered the thing your customer really wants, you can start to lay the foundation for why your product or program is the thing that can help them achieve it – and all without telling them how much it costs. If a customer understands the value something will add to their lives, we’re willing to bet they’ll happily pay what it’s worth.

The DEC approach

At DEC PR, we understand the need to speak to people, not problems. That’s why our campaigns are built on true consumer insights.

These incontrovertible facts about our target markets act as springboards for creative ideas and the way they’re communicated. It also ensures the message reaches those for whom it’s intended.

And while the facts and statistics that feed into our insights are vitally important, they don’t become proxies for real people. We build pictures of whole consumers – people seeking emotional connection – by having team members from across our agency contribute to the ideation, development, and execution of our campaigns.

If this approach has moved something in you, please reach out to discuss how DEC PR can help your brand cut through the clutter and establish real and lasting emotional connections with your customers.



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