Reducing stigma and shame associated with thrush, for a generation of young women.

Canesten came to us with a big ask: develop for us a fresh, purpose-driven campaign that educates Gen Z women, breaks taboos and frees consumers from shame and discomfort when it comes to thrush and other intimate health conditions. And wow, did we deliver!

We asked the question: What if Canesten eradicated shame by filling the gaps in intimate health education? 

Enter the ‘University of Down Under’ (#UdoU): Australia’s leading shame-free school of intimate health where students receive empowering, bold education – because the more they know, the more they’re in control!

#UdoU is a new destination for Gen Z to receive intimate education the traditional system is unable to offer – an ongoing programme, permeating fresh knowledge and attitudes throughout society. Where other schools avoid the topic of vaginas, ours teaches nothing else; covering everything young women need to know in a fun, forthright manner.

Helmed by head lecturer Abbie Chatfield, and supported by earned media, influencer, stakeholder and social engagement, this campaign was a digital-first in Australia and celebrated by women's health organisations and our target audience, nationally!



We set out to deliver a fresh take on intimate health education through this digital-first campaign with Canesten Australia.