Celebrating life-saving heroes with Nurofen Australia.

We knew there was an opportunity to get something really exciting up in the air when Nurofen asked us to launch their new brand platform, 'Leave The Pain To Us', in Australia.

Driven by the consumer insight that "The proudest moments of my life were only achieved when I didn’t give into pain – whether achieving greatness or just getting on with the daily grind”, we developed a campaign strategy that would bring the new brand purpose to life with people at the heart.

We aligned with CareFlight helicopter pilots, who fly with precision to help Aussies in need of critical support, and enabled a three-year partnership to celebrate Aussies who break through pain to achieve greatness for themselves and their community.

We profiled CareFlight case studies and pilots in earned media, and demonstrated Nurofen's support through donation of night vision goggles to ensure pilots get patients to care safely. This was further supported with emotional story-telling social content, long-form video, hybrid media, and even corporate communications activity.



John Hoad - DEC PR
Greg Payne CareFlight Nurofen DEC PR

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We set out to deliver meaningful, emotional story-telling for Nurofen Australia's first purpose campaign.