improving health literacy and busting myths about menstruation.

Menstruation is the last taboo, and with 1-in-4 women experiencing Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (a.k.a. menorrhagia) sometime in their lifetime, we were thrilled to get a brief from Bayer Women's Health to raise awareness of this condition - and the fact you don't have to suffer with abnormal symptoms.

Through an empowering educational campaign, we asked Australian media to Skip The Bloody Small Talk and get serious about menstrual health.

Supported by case study interviews and KOL partnerships, we launched 'The Period Perspective Survey' by Bayer - looking at the heavy Menstrual Load Aussie women over 18 years old experience monthly. From the emotional toll to the physical one, no subject was off-limits as we transformed taboos into a clickable topic and encouraged Australians to visit their healthcare professional if their period seemed heavier than normal.

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
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We set out to break down taboos and stigma associated with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding, improving consumer health literacy along the way.