Highlighting the emotional headache of migraines.

Having a migraine costs the Australian economy $35.7billion per year, but what is the impact migraines has on sufferer’s emotions and on their relationships?

With no two migraines manifesting the same way, Nurofen wanted to show the five million Australians who experience them that we understand the toll they can take.

Partnering with Headache and Migraine Australia (Brain Foundation) during Headache and Migraine Awareness Week, we launched the #MYgraine Report - a consumer research piece the investigated the disconnect between the understanding of migraine by those who suffer and those who dont.

With mass media coverage and research still appearing in press today, there's no denying that Nurofen understands a migraine is 'not just a headache'!

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Positioning Nurofen as an authority on pain relief for migraines.